Flying Fish Fleet

*Antawan Smith is a former Sports Director for SNN6 in Sarasota

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Staff and Crew

Of the Flying Fish Fleet



Captain John Labash is our resident “old salt” who captains and oversees our head boat operations. Originally born and raised in New Jersey his love for fishing began early with fishing for tuna, striped bass and bluefish in the canyons off the east coast of the US both commercially and privately. Captain John has fished on a variety of boats in many locals. He is certified in numerous nautical disciplines and whose experience is counted on regularly to assist in the operations of the fleet. His experience and the many stories that come with them are surpassed only by the passion and genuine fun he has teaching kids how to fish. To his credit, his mates perpetuate and compliment that same passion which creates a great atmosphere onboard for all concerned.



Tim Noe moved to Palm Beach, Fla. with his family from Chicago at the age of two. Tim's father owned a yacht maintenance and detailing company and would take him our fishing several times a week and at a very early age, as a result, he was hooked! Tim would fish the marinas, docks, seawalls or anywhere he could get a line wet. Already an accomplished angler, Tim caught his first sailfish and blue marlin at eleven years old. When he was old enough, Tim purchased a small 13ft Boston Whaler and took it everywhere. He fished for redfish in the back country, giant snook in Stuart and Palm Beach inlets, the annual mullet run for tarpon, shark and everything inbetween. He started fishing the Sarasota area in 2004 and fell in love with fishing the gulf coast so much that he decided to move here in 2008. Tim has fished both inshore and offshore on a regular basis. He earned his captains license and began fishing for a career instead of just a hobby. He had enough time on the water to earn a 50-ton Masters Captains license and is looking forward to what the future on the water has instore. Captain Tim has been a great addition to the Flying Fish Fleet family. We look forward to watching his career grow along with the Flying Fish.